What a climbing wall can do for your community centre:


  • Fitness trends change and indoor climbing is a great life-long activity that allows people of different skill levels to participate together.More customers will check out the hot new addition to your facility.
  • Convert unused spaces into an exciting new fitness experience.
  • Finally – an activity that is great for men and women, boys and girls, all ages, and all fitness levels. Boys and girls, men and woman can all climb together – without compromising their individual level of challenge. It is truly an activity that can be developed and refined easily throughout one’s life.
  • Tired of the looking at your racquetball court not being used? Convert it to a climbing gym!
  • An opportunity to add new programs which incorporate climbing.
  • Climbing fosters goal-building, mental focus, and a spirit of trust.
  • Climbing requires an excellent combination of strength (especially upper body), flexibility, and problem-solving skills.
  • Climbing is a non-violent, non-contact sport.
  • Different sized people can climb together – the size discrepancy is not an issue.
  • Personal equipment needs are minimal and can be easily rented on-site.
  • Climbing does not require the massive group organization associated with playing team sports.
  • Climbing offers a simple challenge with few complex rules
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Offers a safe environment to develop responsibility while belaying and spotting others
  • Great for kids who shy away from team sports
  • Provides an exciting opportunity for after school programs
  • Climbing on artificial walls develops the same skills that are used for climbing outdoors, and therefore has an open-ended opportunity to learn new skills.
  • Climbing on rock-walls has an excellent safety record in North America, with far fewer injuries recorded than most contact and outdoor sports.

HPCW has worked on many commercial facilities ranging from small traversing walls for kids, 50ft towers at outdoor adventure camps to converting unused recreational space within a rec center. Below are just a few of the facilities we have completed.

Completed Projects

Below lies a partial list of some of our projects that show the range of work we can do:

The Banff Centre’s Sally Borden Building – Banff, AB

HPCW provided a complete design build package, using local materials and labour to build this facility which includes a lead-climbable arch. This is a refurbished racquetball court offering multiple opportunities for lead-climbing and top-roping, as well as a training ledge for teaching rock rescue, rappel, and crevasse rescue. The facility has even hosted the Junior Nationals. This project included complete design-build with construction management, staff training, purchasing, and operations and risk management consulting – including an Operations Manual covering all procedures and courses.

Sally Borden.gym_shot (1)Sally Borden.gym_overview3

Mount Pleasant Community Centre – Vancouver, BC

Lead Top-rope climbing facility. Design/ build, training, purchasing, operations and risk management consulting.


Ness Lake Bible Camp – Prince George, BC

Concept and Engineering Design for this NPO.

Chetwynd Recreation Centre – Chetwynd, BC

Top-roping and bouldering. Design/ build, training, purchasing, operations and risk management consulting.


Canmore Multiplex – Canmore, AB

Design & Consulting services to Gibbs Gage Architects and Town of Canmore to facilitate realizing this World Cup capable facility.

Alfred Jenkins Fieldhouse – Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Top-roping and bouldering. Design/ build, training, purchasing, operations and risk management consulting.


Kenmount Centre – Mt. Pearl YMCA, St. John’s, Nfld

Traversing wall design/ build.

Boys and Girls Clubs – Calgary, AB

Top-roping and bouldering. Design/ build, training, purchasing, operations and risk management consulting

Gwillim Lake Camp – Tumbler Ridge, BC


Island Lake Camp – Washington, USA

Traversing Wall for this Washington State based camp. Design, engineering, training, purchasing.

Broadway Church’s The Warehouse – Vancouver, BC

Design, engineering, training, purchasing.

Zeballos Community Centre – Zeballos, BC

Design, engineering, training, purchasing.

North Caribou Comprehensive Youth Centre – Quesnel, BC

Complete design/ build/ training

Tribune Bay Outdoor Recreation Area – Hornby Island, BC

Design, engineering, training, purchasing. for a 50′ high outdoor tower

Tribune Bay_2