You are planning an event and literally want to take it to the next level. Whether a private party or a mega festival, HPCW has the answer with our portable climbing wall systems.

  • Corporate Events

    The Rocktagon is an exciting main attraction or addition to any corporate events, allowing your team to engage in team building and trust as they work together to climb to the top!  Talk to us about unique experience opportunities to make the most of your corporate event.

  • Festivals and Events

    Looking for a new attraction at your festival or event?  The Rocktagon can be assembled in most locations.  With eight auto belayed climbing sides, this is a safe, adventurous and eye catching structure that everyone will want to try.  Great options for sponsorship at the highest point of your festival!  Contact us for details – booking now for the upcoming season.

  • Schools and Community Centers

    Are you considering a climbing wall experience for your school or community center, but logistically it is too difficult for transportation to a facility?  No problem –  contact us for extended rental opportunities at your own location for a challenging experience for climbers of all levels.

  • Private Event

    Are you hosting a private event and want to create life time memories for your attendees?  Whether they are climbing for the first time or are experienced climbers, routes can be tailored to suit your needs.

See below for some events in action.

Note, to particpate in any climbing wall event, participants must sign a waiver form.  If the participant is under the age of 16, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver.

ROCKTAGON Contest -Post your videos and photos

We are unveiling the new ROCKTAGON at TeenFest Victoria this Saturday, and looking for some great photos and videos. Just post your climb on our Facebook page or on Twitter #climbhigher @HPClimbingWalls, and you will be entered to win one of our custom wall panels!

Custom wall panels can be installed at any home, garage, shop, or ….wherever you can imagine.  The wall panel is constructed of high quality birch plywood, with a textured coating, and attachments in place for alternate routesetting.


Victoria Coast Capital Savings TeenFest