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HPCW can help you coordinate the wall and its use with other activities planned in the space – refurbish that empty and obsolete racquetball court that no one uses anymore or start a new build.

Below are just a few of the many HPCW Commercial projects we have completed.

MEC Head Office, Vancouver, BC

HPCW provided this bouldering wall to the MEC Headquarters in Vancouver from design, through build and installation.  HPCW continues to provide ongoing support in routesetting to ensure a challenging and rewarding course.

Cliffhanger Indoor Climbing Centre, Vancouver BC

A fantastic project, HPCW provided:

  • Conceptual design and structural drawings,
  • lead-climbing system engineering,
  • staff training, purchasing, and
  • operations management.

Climb Base 5, Vancouver, BC

Conceptual design, risk management, and operations consulting of the largest and wildest commercial climbing centre in Canada.

The Overhang, Prince George, BC

The Overhang (Prince George, BC) chose HPCW to provide:

  • Concept and Engineering Design,
  • Purchasing Consulting, and
  • A Risk Management & Operations Consulting Training Manual.

This project was built using local materials and labour, and includes three racquetball court conversions, amongst other features. HPCW worked closely with the owners to ensure we were able to capture their vision, and then The Overhang built the facility themselves. Our crew could have built this facility, but this is an example of how we managed to make the budget work for the Overhang by having them provide the local resources. The facility is a hit in Prince George, and also provides outdoor training courses, fitness classes and yoga classes.

Cityrock, Capetown, South Africa

Conceptual design, risk management, and operations consulting of South Africa’s first climbing gym.

The Edge Climbing Centre, North Vancouver, BC

Engineering and upgrading of primary structure and retro structures.

Woodwards Redevelopment Project, Vancouver, BC

Bouldering wall on the 42nd floor rooftop deck of this new Vancouver, BC high-rise. Design/ build, training, purchasing, operations and risk management consulting.

National Climbing Centre, Squamish BC

Design & Consulting services to Cornerstone Architects and Kingswood Properties to facilitate realizing this facility, and the building it is going into.

Dogtooth Climbing Gym, Golden, BC

Conceptual design and structural drawings, staff training, and operations consulting.