Perfect Descent Auto Belay AND HPCW Partnership

High Performance Climbing Walls is pleased to announce our newest partnership  with Perfect Descent Auto Belays and Aerial Adventure Tech of NC, USA.  This partnership proudly enables HPCW to be a licensed distributor and authorized service center beginning in 2016. Auto belays have become extremely popular in that they remove the need for a human belayer, and […]

ROCKTAGON Contest -Post your videos and photos

We are unveiling the new ROCKTAGON at TeenFest Victoria this Saturday, and looking for some great photos and videos. Just post your climb on our Facebook page or on Twitter #climbhigher @HPClimbingWalls, and you will be entered to win one of our custom wall panels!

Custom wall panels can be installed at any home, garage, shop, or ….wherever you can imagine.  The wall panel is constructed of high quality birch plywood, with a textured coating, and attachments in place for alternate routesetting.