The Savings and Costs of Auto Belays

Perfect Descent Auto Belay AND HPCW Partnership

High Performance Climbing Walls is pleased to announce our newest partnership  with Perfect Descent Auto Belays and Aerial Adventure Tech of NC, USA.  This partnership proudly enables HPCW to be a licensed distributor and authorized service center beginning in 2016. Auto belays have become extremely popular in that they remove the need for a human belayer, and […]

HPCW Unveils the Rocktagon

On a frosty Saturday morning in Victoria, the Pearkes Recreation Center was a hub of activity as TeenFest opened its doors to Teens and Tweens looking for a little excitement.  They were not disappointed.  Some came with anticipation, others with trepidation, but in the end, 200 climbers reached the top of the Rocktagon…… including Batman! […]

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