Auto belays have significantly changed the operation of many climbing facilities by allowing climbers greater flexibility in the use of their climbing wall.  No longer do you have to go to the gym with a buddy; solo climbers can come more frequently without having to share their rope with a partner.  This allows for a continuous, endurance workout in a shorter time frame if desired.

While there are savings to auto belays, some costs will be incurred. In addition to the initial purchase price, maintenance costs can vary by product quite considerably. HPCW has selected the Perfect Descent (PD) auto belay for a number of reasons from retraction speed to reliability and maintenance.

PD requires a service inspection once every two years rather than annually as required by similar products.  Further, as HPCW is an authorized service center, the unit does not have to be shipped to the US, but can be sent directly to our servicing facility on Vancouver Island.  Therefore you can save on shipping costs and have the stability of Canadian currency. To find out more, give us a call at  778.654.3362 or email!

Auto Belays